Meet the Neighbours

Wetaskiwin is Working for:

Warehouse Employees
  • Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro
Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro has been an agriculture hub of the surrounding community for over a hundred years, and the City of Wetaskiwin is working to support these farms with a variety of local businesses. 

 "We believe in the business of agriculture, our community sees the value in it, 
and our farming community is always looking for ways to innovate and improve."

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  • Kimto Manufacturing
Kimto Manufacturing has an extensive knowledge in designing and building some of the industry's most rugged conveyor systems. Wetaskiwin's strategic advantages keeps their business competitive, and the large amount of skilled local labour has contributed to Kimto's success. 

"...the community is great and the people who live here are amazing. The City is in a
 perfect location for logistics, being centrally located to many great amenities."

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  • Manluk Industries 
Manluk Industries started in Wetaskiwin in the early 1970's and the company has expanded from local to global over the past 40 years. 

"Servicing the needs of Wetaskiwin and area's industrial, agricultural and 
automotive industries led to the company expanding quickly."

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  • Wild West Gallery

Perry Baroshyk conducts business in Wetaskiwin because he loves the area, and he has developed a strong friendship with many local Indigenous artists.

"The Wild West Gallery is a unique business that offers Central Alberta artists an outlet
to share their art and the many different traditions of the First Nations Peoples."

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