Holiday Safety in the Home

With the holiday season fast approaching, Wetaskiwin Fire Services would like to provide some safety tips to help keep your holiday joyful.

Natural Christmas Trees Need Water

If you plan on decorating your home with a natural tree this year, it’s important to keep it watered. Just as we need water every day to stay healthy, so does your tree. A dried-out Christmas tree is a dangerous fire hazard and can lead to an entire living room being consumed by flames only one minute after the fire starts.

Skeptical? Check out the video below showing how fast a dry Christmas tree can burn.

Tips for Fire Prevention

  1. Keep your tree watered (we recommend watering it every day).
  2. Check the needles by pinching them in half. A healthy needle will bend, but a dry needle will snap. Your tree will change color from green to brown, and needles will fall off.
  3. Use indoor lights on your Christmas tree that produce minimal heat. Check the power cord for fraying or damage before using the lights.
  4. Extension cords are for temporary use only and should not be covered by throw rugs or carpeting. An overloaded extension cord can produce heat, leading to a fire.
  5. Ensure your power bar is rated for the appliances you wish to supply. Do not plug extension cords or additional power bars into each other.
  6. Do not leave candles unattended and keep them away from pets and children. Blow out your candles if you are planning on leaving your home and before you go to sleep.

Stay safe and enjoy a happy holiday season!