Environmental Rebates

Environmental Sustainability Program

The City of Wetaskiwin is committed to being a sustainable community that responsibly manages its infrastructure, finances, and environment. The Environmental Sustainability Program is comprised of three components: the low flow toilet rebate, the solar panel rebate, and the green building rebate.

Low Flow Toilet Rebate 

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The low-flow toilet rebate is available for properties with a current City of Wetaskiwin utility account in good standing. Replace inefficient toilets (13L or more) with one that uses no more than 6L per flush to have your utility account credited with a $50 rebate. Please read the application for full details.

Solar Panel Rebate

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The solar panel rebate program recognizes the significant financial investment property owners make to lessen their environmental footprint. A rebate of $500 is available for eligible residential installations of approved solar panel systems, and a rebate of $1,000 for eligible non-residential installations of approved solar panel systems.

Green Building Rebate

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The green building rebate offers builders or home owners who build to a Built Green, R2000 or LEED standard a full rebate of the development fee.