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Parade of Programs Guide
The City of Wetaskiwin, in partnership with the Wetaskiwin & Area Community Learning Council, the County of Wetaskiwin and Town of Millet, provide locals with three program guides each year (Spring & Summer, Fall, Winter). These program guides showcase the many seasonal events and activities taking place in and around Wetaskiwin.



How it works?

Three Annual Program Guides are a partnership between the Wetaskiwin Community Learning Council, the City of Wetaskiwin, County of Wetaskiwin and Town of Millet. The Wetaskiwin Community Learning Council collects your program information, and the City of Wetaskiwin is responsible for all the associated billing (which is why you are billed by the City of Wetaskiwin).

Interested in advertising in the guide?

To advertise your program in the guide at no cost, fill out the Google Docs form. The description for your program or event must be 65 words or less. If your information is more than 65 words OR you would like to put in a paid advertisement please see the criteria that must be followed and the costs associated with that in the FAQ's. 

Why do we do this?

The City of Wetaskiwin, County of Wetaskiwin and the Wetaskiwin & Area Community Learning Council, work together to produce this guide as a great resource to the members of our communities. This is a low cost, effective and consistent way for volunteer run organizations to advertise their programs and events.

Why do we put out a Fall, Winter & Spring/Summer Guide?

The majority of programs and events are planned seasonally which is why these are the best times of year to promote and advertise these programs together.

Where are the Guides distributed?

The Guides are distributed by unaddressed addmail via Canada Post to all mailing addresses in the City, County and Millet. You can also find the Guides at libraries, the Manluk Centre, City Hall, the County Office, Town of Millet Office and at many of the organizations found in the Guide.

I would like to advertise my program information for free. How do I do that?

Submit your information through the google docs form below using 65 words or less in the description. Your ad will then appear free in the Parade of Programs Guide.

Who can advertise in the Program Guide?

Any organization/business in the City of Wetaskiwin, County of Wetaskiwin or Town of Millet that offers programs in education, recreation or personal wellness.

I would like a to pay for an advertisement in the guide. How much does it cost and what rules do I need to follow?

Text ads, FREE. See criteria below.

1)      FREE – Any text ads containing a program description of no more than 65 words.

2)      $10 – Any text ads containing a program description between 66 – 100 words.

3)      $20 – Any text ads with a program description over 100 words (to a max. of 150 words).

4)      $75 – A shaded, boxed text ad, which substantially increases visibility (max. of 100 words).

Banner options:

A banner will be included when organizations submit information for 4 or more programs. 

The banner will include organization name, contact and registration information. This information will not be repeated for each of the programs.  Include your logo with the banner for $50.

Full Colour Display Ad Format and Options: Please note, sizing must be exact. 

1)      $150 - half page ad (5.25” wide x 3.75” high)

2)      $300 – full page ad (5.25” wide x 7.5” high)

We accept full colour ads in both PDF and JPG formats. Please ensure the color settings for your ad are set to CMYK as opposed to RGB. All PDF ads are considered ready to print.

If I've purchased an ad, who will I be receiving an invoice from?

City of Wetaskiwin does all the billing for the guide. Your organizations will be receiving an invoice from them. This invoice can be paid at City Hall. 

Can I submit the same ad year after year?

Yes you can but the information needs to be sent every year according to the deadlines. You are responsible for submitting your organizations information each time. For more information or questions send a request for us to contact you at  . 

When are the Parade of Programs events?

We will host events that coincide with the release of the Fall Guide and the Spring/Summer Guide at the Wetaskiwin Drill Hall. The Fall event typically happens the beginning of September and the Spring/Summer event happens mid-march. If you would like a table at this event please fill out the good docs form at the beginning of this page.

I would like to participate in the Parade Of Programs Event in the Drill Hall. How do I do that?

When you submit your information to the guide please fill out the entire form with the correct contact information as well as how many tables and chairs you require at the event. This is a free event but pre-registration is required.

I have more questions about the guide. Who can I speak with?

Please email your contact information (name, phone number and organization) to and we will call you. You can also call the Community Learning Centre at 780-361-6241.