Wetaskiwin's Brand Story

The City of Wetaskiwin has a Vision for the Future

Inspired by the 50-Year Community Vision and Values which included research and input from over one thousand Wetaskiwinites, Wetaskiwin has built a strong brand foundation for marketing and communications intended to move the City towards reaching that Vision and providing audiences a reason to believe in the future of Wetaskiwin.

The brand platform is aspirational and sets the tone for all Wetaskiwinites, to be work towards where - and who - we want to be. 

Rooted in the 50-Year visioning process, Wetaskiwin is down-to-earth, hopeful and collaborative.  As one of Alberta's oldest cities with Indigenous connections that are far older, Wetaskiwin promises a welcoming nature, many generations deep. The visioning process revealed that Wetaskiwinites have a deep connection to the land.  There is history, heritage, culture and a distinct and proud story to share with all Wetaskiwinies, our neighbours and visitors.  We welcome you, whomever you are, to Wetaksiwin to live in and enjoy our frontier spirit where we see bright horizons.  We have a history, story, and future to share  - Wetaskiwin, The City We Share.

City of Wetaskiwin Brand Platform

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City of Wetaskiwin Brand Story




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The Process

The brand platform was inspired by and built upon the completed 50-Year Community Vision and the foundational research that was done in developing the vision.  The process was grounded in over six months of research and engagement from over one thousand Wetaskiwinites and included a review of print, digital and communication tools, previous studies and campaign assets. The language and ideas of the key tenets of the vison are overtly infused into the brand platform.

Stakeholder Interviews, Surveys and Workshops

Over one thousand Wetaskiwinites (10%) contributed to the completion of the 50-Year Community Vision and Values which was the foundation and inspiration for the new brand platform.  One-on-one interviews with key community stakeholders were completed as well as online surveys and workshops during the 50-Year Community Vision project which also explored Wetaskiwin's current reputation, brand and what Wetaskiwin must improve to ensure a successful future.

Brand Focus Group

Community stakeholders were invited to participate in two brand focus group meetings where the brand platform and visuals were presented and key input/feedback was collected.

Taken together, the six month process resulted in a thorough research and community engagement based approach providing the foundation for the brand exploration and development process. 

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