Community Engagement Committee

Who We Are

The City of Wetaskiwin Community Engagement Committee (CEC) is a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about helping to create a strong sense of community pride within Wetaskiwin. Through collaboration with other individuals, agencies, and organizations, our intent is to create affordable and accessible events that showcase our amazing community, engage its citizens, and bring visitors to the area. 


Our mandate is to create and promote new community events in the City of Wetaskiwin. 


The CEC strives to meet its mandate by achieving the following goals 

  •   Create a strong sense of community pride by encouraging Community organizations and business groups to undertake the organization of community events with a goal of at least one new sustainable event each year. 
  •   Provide opportunities for local businesses and organizations to become actively involved / engaged in the events through sponsorship, business exposures or organizational assistance 


The committee shall consist of a maximum of twelve (12) executive members of which a maximum of ten (10) will be community members who have been appointed by resolution of council. Additionally, a maximum of two (2) members of council may be appointed as members of the executive. The executive members, at their discretion, may invite other community members to act as general members to assist in meetings to ensure the minimum amount of members required. The CEC should have a chairperson, vice-chairperson, recording secretary, and treasurer.


The CEC will: 

  •   Work in collaboration with other individuals/agencies who have expressed interest in supporting events
  •   Maintain a volunteer database 
  •   Obtain City Council's approval of an event plan and budget prior to initiating an event 
  •   Report to City Council upon the completion of the each event. This report should include the following topics: 
    • Participation rate 
    • Evaluation of the event 
    • Financial recommendations 
    • Options for council participation for future events 

Scope and Jurisdiction

 The CEC exists at the discretion of the City of Wetaskiwin, and is therefore accountable to the City of Wetaskiwin for meeting the agreed upon deliverables stated above and accounting for their allocated budget as approved and authorized by the City of Wetaskiwin. 


The CEC will operate and make decisions in accordance with the following rules : 

  • The CEC is to meet, at a minimum, of once per month but may meet more frequently as is the discretion of the executives to determine what is necessary in order to effectively achieve the outlined goals
  • A quorum of seven (7) of the twelve (12) Executives is required in order to make decisions within a meeting

Code of Conduct 

  • Membership on this committee is voluntary and members are not eligible for diems. 
  • No member should use their position on the CEC to secure special privileges, favours or exemptions for themselves their relatives, or any other person 
  • Each members interest at all times should be to serve in alignment with public interest 

Join Us 

General Member 

Are you passionate about the community in Wetaskiwin? Do you love planning and executing fun and engaging activities for the community? Come and join the CEC and help us plan and execute various fun events throughout the year. We are looking for people from all walks of life and all ideas are welcomed! 

For more information or to sign-up, please email