Council Delegations

What is a Delegation?
A delegation is the formal term for an individual or group who appear before council (or a council committee) in order to:

  • make a presentation on a matter that is of broad interest and that falls within the jurisdiction of the city
  • enter a request for action
  • register a complaint
  • initiate interest or guidance to a solution for an item of public concern
  • update council on a project, idea, or concept
  • provide further information on an issue currently before council for a decision

You may request the opportunity to speak at a council meeting by completing a Delegation Request Form (PDF). Please note it is not necessary to complete a delegation request form to speak at a public hearing

Appearing Before Council as a Delegation
A person or organization wishing to appear before council as a delegation must submit a Delegation Request Form to the City Clerk no later than noon on the Monday two weeks preceding the regular council meeting at which you would like to appear. 

Delegations that miss the Monday deadline who wish to address the next regular council meeting must still fill out the form. Under special circumstances, council may pass a motion agreeing to hear the delegation, but there is no obligation on council’s behalf to guarantee the delegation the opportunity to present. The onus is on the applicant to show on the Delegation Request form why the delegation cannot wait for the next regular council meeting, and what additional information the delegation has that would be of interest to council.

You may forward your request using any of the following methods:

All delegations must be approved by the Mayor and City Manager prior to being heard. 

If you will be providing supporting documentation such as a PowerPoint presentation or handouts, you must submit the documents to the City Clerk no later than noon on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the meeting if it is to be included in the agenda.

Delegations must be in attendance when their agenda item is called. Delegations are permitted 10 minutes for their presentation. Council may ask questions after the presentation for clarification.

Delegations are to present information to council. Council will not enter into debate with the delegates presenting. Please do not expect an immediate answer from council. Council will receive the information and may refer your issue to staff for more information or to another meeting for further consideration

Delegations are scheduled on a first come/first serve basis.

Note: The Delegation Request form and related documents become part of the public record and will be released/published in the agenda and minutes that are available to the public in a variety of methods.

Tips for a successful presentation:

Submit written information early
Meeting agenda packages are distributed on the Wednesday afternoon preceding the meeting so that council has time to thoroughly review their information and prepare questions before the meeting. Provide a copy of your presentation no later than noon on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the meeting if it is to be included in the agenda.

Structure your presentation
You have a maximum of ten (10) minutes to speak. Introduce yourself and briefly describe your relationship to the issue. For example, you may be representing a group or you may live in or near an area where a problem is occurring.

  1. State your topic. If you are requesting action to address a certain issue, describe the issue and the action you wish council to take. If you are requesting funding, state the amount and purpose of funding.
  2. Provide background information when appropriate. For instance, you may want to talk about how long the issue has been going on or how you or your organization has been affected. For funding requests, provide budget information and other revenue you have or are pursuing.
  3. Set up for success. You may book a projector or laptop to assist with your presentation. Please book with the Municipal Clerk prior to the meeting.

If you are asking for funding or to solve a problem, council will base their decision on value for the community, available budget, and/or available staffing. Other consideration include: 

  1. Do you have support from a sector of the community? With limited resources available, council is likely to concentrate on issues with a broad appeal.
  2. Does your request fit in with our strategic priorities? If it does, there may be some room in the budget and staff allocation to accommodate your request. Read the Council Strategic Plan 2022 - 2032