Development Services

Development Services

The Planning and Development Department reviews and processes applications related to to development. Follow the links below for more information on development services.

Compliance CertificatesLand Use Bylaw and Zoning Amendments (Rezoning)
Development Permits & ConstructionOccupancy/Damage/Grading Fee Refunds
Environmental Rebate ProgramsSubdivisions
Home-Based BusinessesVendor Permits

Building & Development Permits

The City of Wetaskiwin issues development and building permits for all construction within city limits. Permits are required to ensure that all work completed will conform to the construction and safety standards that have been accepted under the Safety Codes Act, and that the inspection(s) will be provided by certified safety codes officers.

Permits are processed upon receipt of permit fees. Development and building permits should be submitted to the City of Wetaskiwin. Information regarding building permits can be found on the Superior Safety Codes website or give them a call at 1-403-358-5545. Electrical, gas, and plumbing are processed through Superior Safety Codes Inc.

No work can commence until the permits have been reviewed and approved. Failure to comply can result in double fees, as well as violation enforcement fees.