Compliance Certificates

Compliance Certificates

This section outlines what a Compliance Certificate is and how to apply for one. 

What is a Compliance Certificate?

A Compliance Certificate is a confirmation from the City of Wetaskiwin that the location of the building(s) on a site complies with the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw. It does not regulate or enforce building code requirements. A Compliance Certificate is usually required by lending agencies and/or lawyers in the sale of property and/or mortgage approval in order to protect their clients' investments. Standard real estate purchase contracts often require the vendor to obtain a Compliance Certificate. A Compliance Certificate is not a legislative requirement, but rather a service provided by the City of Wetaskiwin. 

How to Apply for a Compliance Certificate

Step 1: Hire a Certified Alberta Land Surveyor to prepare and approve a Real Property Report (RPR). 

  • Real Property Reports should be prepared within 90 days of applying for a compliance certificate. 

Step 2: Download and complete the compliance certificate application. 

Step 3: Submit the completed compliance certificate application and the original Real Property Report. 

  • Applications and Real Property Reports can be submitted by e-mail (, or in person at City Hall. 

Note: Real Property Reports that are scanned, faxed, or altered will not be accepted.  

Fee Schedule

See the Planning and Development Fee Schedule for applicable fees.