Development Permits & Construction

  1. How to Apply for a Permit
  2. Application Forms
  3. Residential
  4. Non-Residential
  5. Change of Use
  6. Variance
  7. Other Permits
  8. Fees

How to apply for a Development, Sign or Building Permit:

Step 1: Determine what zoning district your property resides in

Step 2: Determine if your proposed project is Permitted or Discretionary

  • Once you know your land use district, review the Land Use Bylaw to find the specific regulations that apply to your district, including which uses are permitted or discretionary. 
  • Permitted Uses are uses that are allowed within the zoning district. Discretionary Uses are allowed at the discretion of the Development Authority, depending on their compatibility with neighbouring development. 
  • For more information, review the Land Use Bylaw  page.

Step 3. Download and complete permit application 

  • Complete an application form (see next tab, Application Forms). 
  • Review the application information package relevant to your project. These documents outline the supporting documents needed for permit applications needed for each type of project.  
  • Application information packages can be found under the Residential and Non-Residential tabs.

Step 4: Submit application to the Planning and Development Department

  • Applications may be submitted by email (, by mail or in person at City Hall.
  • Applications submitted by email must be in PDF format. 
  • Applications are not considered to be complete until all required information and supporting documents are submitted. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

Other permit applications

For electrical, gas, plumbing, private sewage, demolition and access to city property permits and asbestos project notification form, see Other Permits tab. 

Note: For any inquiries on locating Utility Lines within the City of Wetaskiwin, please visit the Line Locates webpage.