Occupancy/Damage/Grading Fee Refund

Occupancy/Damage/Grading Fee Refund 

This section outlines what the Occupancy/Damage/Grading fee is and how to get it refunded upon completion of a construction project. 

What is an Occupancy/Damage/Grading Fee?

An Occupancy/Damage/Grading fee is applied when an applicant submits a building permit application that involves new construction, renovations, or the installation of manufactured homes. 

The purpose of the Occupancy/Damage/Grading fee is to ensure that all building permits obtain Permit Service Reports from a Building Code Safety Officer that confirms the project complies with the Alberta Building Code. 

The Occupancy/Damage/Grading fee is a 95% refundable deposit applied to certain types of construction. A minimum $25 is retained by the City as an administration fee. See the Planning and Development fee schedule for details.

How to Receive a Occupancy/Damage/Grading Fee Refund:

Step 1: Keep all Permit Service Reports provided by the Safety Codes Officer 

  • The Occupancy/Damage/Grading fee can be refunded once all Permit Service Reports that have been pulled for the development are completed and work complies.
  • The City of Wetaskiwin cannot refund the deposit if there are any outstanding Permit Service Reports.

Step 2: Submit all completed Permit Service Reports. 

  • Provide Development Services with a copy of all completed Permit Service Reports indicating that work complies. 
  • Provide a current address to receive the refund cheque.
  • Permit Service Reports and current address can be submitted by email (permits@wetaskiwin.ca.)