This section explains what a subdivision is and how to apply for one, and outlines the subdivision review and decision process. 

What is a subdivision?

Subdivision is a process that allows registered land owners to divide a single parcel of land into separate legal titles and/or consolidate two or more parcels into one legal title. Subdivisions are subject to the Municipal Government Act, City of Wetaskiwin's Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw 1804-13, and other legislation and regulations. 

Is public consultation required for all subdivisions?

The Planning and Development department will review each proposed subdivision and determine if public consultation is required. If public consultation is required, the Planning and Development Department will notify adjacent properties. A public meeting or open house may be held if deemed necessary. 

What are the timelines for a subdivision?

The timeline to review a subdivision application varies depending on the complexity of the application. Circulation and review typically takes 2-3 weeks, but may take up to 45 days. Per the Municipal Government Act, a decision must be made within 60 days of the application being deemed complete but that timeline may be extended by agreement between the applicant and the City. 

Subdivision Process

Step 1: Download and complete the subdivision application package

  • Subdivision Application Package
  • It is recommended to have a pre-application meeting with the Planning and Development Department before submitting an application

Step 2: Submit the application to the Planning and Development Department

  • The application may be submitted by email ( or in person at City Hall.
  • If the application is deemed complete, it will be circulated internally to all City departments for comment and to applicable external stakeholders.

Step 3: Planning and Development Department gives conditional approval or refuses application

  • Approval comes with a list of conditions that must be met for the subdivision to be endorsed and registered with Alberta Land Titles. 
  • The time needed to review a subdivision application may be extended by agreement of the applicant and City. Time Extension Application Form

Step 4: Download and complete the endorsement application form

Step 5: Submit the endorsement application to the Planning and Development Department

  • Applicant must apply for endorsement within one year from conditional approval, unless an extension is granted. Time Extension Application Form
  • The Planning and Development Department will ensure that the subdivision meets the conditions of approval and endorse the provided documents.

Step 6: Register the subdivision with Alberta Land Titles

Note that development and building permits and other approvals are required before beginning development on subdivided property.

More information on the subdivision application process can be found here.

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