Administration for the City of Wetaskiwin is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating all municipal activities. The city manager leads the organization in ensuring a coordinated and efficient effort to meet the goals and objectives established by city council. For all general inquiries please phone 780.361.4400 or email administration.

The administration team for the City of Wetaskiwin consists of a city manager, and an executive assistant.

  • Administration is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing administrative policies, rules, regulations, and procedures. Administration develops and issues administrative rules, policies, and procedures necessary to ensure proper functioning of all departments.
  • Administration prepares and submits an annual budget to city council; obtains input from department managers, and keeps council informed of the financial condition of the city (while recommending action as appropriate).
  • Administration monitors all operations to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, policies, and ordinances.