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Wetaskiwin is one of the oldest cities in the province, incorporated in 1906. The City’s name comes from the Cree word wītaskiwinihk, meaning "the hills where peace was made." A cultural hub located in Central Alberta, our City offers all the amenities of big-city life while maintaining the peaceful, connected atmosphere prevalent in smaller centres.

We Wetaskiwinites are indebted to the ancestral keepers of these middle lands, for making peace with the newcomers who found home here. We are grateful to the stouthearted souls who braved hardships and saw richness in the soil. We fortunate few are the inheritors of common ground and the stewards of hard won harmony.

Here and now we find life that balances ease and energy. People and progress. Heritage and prosperity. Only a city this enveloped by nature truly lets you live in and appreciate the most of both worlds. All in a region steeped in true frontier spirit where we see bright horizons stretching beyond imagination.

We know the path to Wetaskiwin’s best future is rooted in the best of our past. And that path is wide open enough to walk side by side with everyone. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, we welcome you here. To revel in the unique richness we share when we connect to find middle ground, together.

Wetaskiwin has a rich history in agriculture. The creation of the Wetaskiwin Co-op in 1917 by a group of locals has ensured that there has been value-added agriculture in the City for more than a century.

Since the 1950s, manufacturing companies have chosen Wetaskiwin as the right fit for their business. Wetaskiwin is also ideal for service distribution, transportation, and warehousing operations. The City offers a strategic location - being just off the QEII Highway (Edmonton-Calgary corridor) and the CANAMEX Trade Corridor - making it easy for products to get to market. Wetaskiwin has the benefit of being close to multiple modes of transportation, whether it’s air, rail, or highway.

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